Therapists at Cresswell are experts at promoting patient independence through a comprehensive and ongoing evaluation process. Treatment intervention is critiqued on a visit-by-visit basis for its value in promoting patient wellness. Our frequent written correspondence to your office will convey relevant information and we will seek your advice prior to initiating a change in the philosophy of the treatment approach.

No two visits are alike at Cresswell! We believe the patient’s condition changes and so must the care plan. Treatment frequently begins within a private treatment room with compassionate attention to the patient’s muscle and joint asymmetries through manual therapy techniques. Once musculoskeletal challenges are addressed, postural improvement are maintained through specifically and individually designed movement experiences and exercise.

Ongoing evaluation of our services occurs through outcome statistics that measure our ability to promote function, minimize pain and satisfy patients through our overall approach to their care.

Our promise to you, the physician, is to provide immediate and effective care for our patients. Additionally, objective progress reports will be sent to you frequently. Call NOW for more information on our evidence-based practices.