Suzanne Cresswell PT OT CHT CEA

Suzanne is a Licensed Physical & Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist and a Trained Ergonomic Associate. She received her training at the University of British Columbia School of Rehabilitation Medicine. She started her career in the University Hospital of British Columbia. She later moved to California in 1986 and interned at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose. For 4 years she was a lead therapist with the Richard Carr Physical Therapy out of Sunnyvale, California. Later she opened her private practice in 1992 in Northern California. Outside the clinic, Suzanne enjoys activities such as playing tennis, snow skiing, fishing, writing, and being a loving wife and mother of two. Suzanne has recently published Unique Learner Solutions: Finding the Ability in Learning Disability. This book, written for parents and teachers of children who struggle academically is available now. You can also subscribe to Suzanne’s free weekly newsletter HERE. 

Tom Cresswell 

Tom Cresswell has sustained the business of Cresswell Physical Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation, Inc. since 1992. He remembers those first few doctors who referred and supported the business. A broader referral base has allowed Cresswell to meet many doctors that are “friends of wellness” in our community. The privilege of assisting these doctors toward the betterment of their patients, remains fresh everyday for the staff at Cresswell. Community support is a part of Cresswell’s commitment. Care of the injured athlete and support of youth soccer, tennis, skiing, swimming, musical teams and events have all allowed Cresswell a chance to give back and maintain support of the community in gratitude for the community’s support of Cresswell.

The Staff 

The staff at Cresswell are united in their focus on teaching the patients individualized healing strategies. The team achieves this by helping the patient become aware of their symptoms, understanding the triggers which cause the discomfort, and how to lessen the pain. Finally patients are walked through methods to minimize their potential for future injury. The patient is provided with a road map to interpret their body’s signals.