The Ergonomics Institute

The mission of the Ergonomics Institute is to assist organizations in reducing repetitive motion injuries and promoting increased efficiency through worker education and wellness. Athletes know that the correct use of their body is critical to superior performance. The grip used on a tennis racket is the evolution of an enormous amount of critical thinking and experimentation, the results of which can be had for the price of a few simple lessons. For the majority of us, the workplace is the “court” upon which our “game” is played. We have trainers to assist in team building and trainers to help us get fit at the fitness center, but until recently, no training existed regarding maximizing one’s effectiveness using the tools of their trade. Did your chair come with instructions on its correct use to avoid repetitive motion injuries? Did your computer? Everyday jobs could be performed faster and safer with a little knowledge. Invest in your most valuable resource; your employees. Engage the Ergonomics Institute to evaluate your organization and facilitate peak performance in all your employees. For helpful ergonomic products CLICK HERE. 

Let the Institute help you save time and money.
• Lower worker’s compensation costs
• Increase worker efficiency
• Curb absenteeism
• Improve morale
• Control product defects
• Minimize employee turnover
• Reduce human distress

Level 1 ~ Interview

The first step to a conscious working environment begins with an assessment of the present conditions. An in-depth meeting is held with management to determine what concerns exist regarding ergonomic hazards. There is no charge for this service.

Level 2 ~ Evaluation

Departments and work stations are analyzed and a report prepared detailing efficiency levels. Areas of concern and cost effective ways of making a difference in your organization will be outlined.

Level 3 ~ Training

This is a dynamic and interactive program that addresses the specific hazards within your organization and ergonomically correct solutions to these problems. This educational focus is about your organization, including a discussion of your employees in their work environment, potential ergonomic hazards and mitigation solutions are presented.

Level 4 ~ Resolution

The Ergonomics Institute can become a permanent part of your organization and maintain an on-going presence. The Institute joins with your company’s safety committee to assist in the design of the workplace and instruct staff in the correct way to accomplish their duties.