Teaching you, how to heal yourself

Physical Therapy

          Cresswell treatments emphasize patient independence in the management of orthopedic and neurologic conditions. We treat all back pain disorders, neck and headache pain, shoulder strain injuries and knee conditions as well as problems resulting from neurologic impairment. Foot and ankle problems are an area of specialty for us, particularly plantar fascitis. We have developed specialized treatment programs for debilitating conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and stroke related problems. Sports related injuries are treated compassionately. Our main objective is returning you to participation in athletics as soon as it is safely possible.

Occupational Therapy

          The goal of occupational therapy is to assist you in achieving an independent, productive and satisfying life. Treatment is often in conjunction with employers, family members and other community services to coordinate possible modifications or renovations to improve accessibility in the work, home or school. In addition to working with patients within the community setting, OT’s in the clinic treat conditions such as arthritis, cumulative injuries, problems developed from motor vehicle accidents, brain injury, stroke and spinal cord injury.

Rehabilitation for the Child

          Caring for the special needs of children through clinical and school based treatments is a particular area of concern and involvement at Cresswell. A variety of techniques are utilized combined with a strong emphasis on a method called “Sensory Integration.” The overall direction is to assist the child in integrating all the body’s systems, resulting in the improved ability to process cues from the environment. Children born with developmental disabilities are treated at Cresswell in addition to those with social and academic problems such as attention deficit conditions.

Massage Therapy

          Receiving massage is a must for coping with the busy world of multiple tasks and obligations. We recommend anti-stress massages on a regular basis. Massage therapy can be an adjunct to other physical therapy interventions and incorporated into your overall program at Cresswell.

Industrial Rehabilitation

          Cresswell offers a broad range of industrial programs such as acute injury management, work conditioning, work-simulation retraining, pre-employment screening and functional capacity testing. We encourage early intervention for acute injuries and a clear understanding between team members of the “return to work plan.” Retraining is provided to mitigate future hazards that may contribute to re-injury. The concept of ergonomics is reviewed and sustainable solutions identified.

Hand Therapy

          We take pride in fabricating braces and splints that protect and heal the injured hand as well as promote function and an early return to work. Our certified therapist can fabricate many types and designs of the costume splints you require. Whether your condition is a post-operative surgical case or chronic repetitive motion injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, we instruct you on how to achieve the benefits of healing yourself.