Cresswell’s policy of pre-authorizing all patient visits and ensuring correct interpretation of the specific benefit plans, have allowed us to successfully interface with hundreds of different insurance companies across the United States. Our professional staff have had years of experience providing consultation services in the area of appropriate therapy utilization for worker’s compensation and automobile insurance companies. Through our networking with you, we have come to well understand the “payor” side of the equation.

You have been right all along: it is imperative for health care providers to demonstrate the value of their services. You need to see that we are improving the patient’s level of function in a cost efficient manner.

Cresswell is committed to value: the positive outcome of patient care and the reasonable cost of services. We maintain statistics on our ability to improve the patient’s objective level of function, their subjective report of pain and their satisfaction with our service.

Our promise to you, the insurance provider, is that we will provide high quality, cost-effective care to all of your clients. We will work with you and the physician to ensure treatment is initiated early in the pain/dysfunction process.