Sometimes backs just hurt. A gentle stretch to the back can feel great. Asking a family member to softly pull on one or both legs can make a big difference.

Here’s why:

Applying a stretch to the legs can act as a traction force through the joints of the low back. Soft traction for a 30-60 second period of time can help restore circulation and hydration to the disc and small facet joints of the low back.

Here’s how:

Try one leg at a time, with the other knee bent to keep the correct positioning of the vertebrae. Have your family member lift the leg only 30 degrees off the floor or bed. They should pull back on the leg the equivalent of 25-30 pounds. Perhaps picture the weight needed to drag a large sack of potatoes. Hold 30-6- seconds. Continue to hold the leg in the same position and repeat two to three times before gently placing the leg back down. Gentle is the key. You want to feel relaxed through-out the process and not anticipating a jarring experience.

Let us help:

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