Cresswell Physical Therapy

Cresswell Physical Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation was established in Redding, California in 1992 to provide a broad range of services to all age groups. Since that time, we have been committed to providing top- quality services to our patients while maintaining a high level of business integrity within the community. As a 100% therapist- owned facility, decisions are made to develop programs based entirely on the therapeutic needs of our surrounding community. Our emphasis is to teach you how to heal yourself. We talk with you to gain a better understanding of your reason’s for coming to therapy and assist you in setting goals for improved function. We work together as your partner and coach to ensure you reach your therapy goals. We understand it is usually unfortunate to need therapy at all, however, the education you receive from us will benefit you a lifetime! Choosing a healthcare provider is one of the most important decisions you can make. You want someone who is caring, knowledgeable, and accessible along with someone who is willing to take the time to go over all of your options and treat you as a person, not just a patient. At our practice, we pride ourselves on our patient services. We offer a knowledgeable staff, safe and proven procedures. Cresswell Physical Therapy is a 100% therapist-owned facility that has served the Redding area since 1992. Here decisions are made to develop programs based entirely on the therapeutic needs of our surrounding community. Experience the benefits of our highly trained therapists and ask about our Therapy at a Distance Program, provided in the convenience of your home.

Suzanne Cresswell

Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist, Ergonomic Associate

Suzanne received her training at the University of British Columbia School of Rehabilitation Medicine and started her career at the University Hospital of British Columbia. She moved to California in 1986 to intern at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose. For 4 years she was lead therapist with the Richard Carr Physical Therapy out of Sunnyvale, California. Later she opened her private practice, Cresswell Physical Therapy, in 1992 in Northern California.

Suzanne treats people of all ages and is tireless in her application of interventions to find the best resolution for patient’s difficulty. Her patients include children with various learning challenges and medical conditions that impact their ability to function in their school and family life, adults who have experienced stroke or accident that need therapy to readjust to their life and occupations, as well as patients recovering from accident or surgery who need traditional physical therapy and rehabilitation. She also advises businesses in ergonomics to prevent injry to employees. Because of her expertise in a variety of disciplines, Suzanne is able to not only treat the problem, but also address what might have caused the injury in the first place.

Unique Learner Solutions

Suzanne specializes in the care of developmentally delayed children. She understands that these children learn in their own unique way and has recently published Unique Learner Solutions: Finding the Ability in Learning Disability. This book, written for parents and teachers of children who struggle academically is available now. You can also subscribe to Suzanne’s free newsletter here.


“Our emphasis is to teach you how to heal yourself.”

"Suzanne really gets me and not too many people do. I like her and she is really helping me to be a better student."

Joel- High School Patient

"Suzanne works with my son and I am amazed by how she can really see what is happening in his brain. It is such a relief to have her insight into my child."

Julie- Patient’s mother

"I have been working with Cresswell Physical [Therapy] for the past 12 years, professionally and personally.... With much guidance and professionals within their office, they give me exercises to do at home to help get me back on the road to recovery...If you are in need of physical therapy I can tell you, this team of professionals really know what they are doing!"

Chris- Patient